I'm so happy I went with Eve for redesigning my blog! She responded to my first request within 24 hours and began work on it right away. It took her less than a week to fully complete everything, and she patiently adhered to my little mid-progress whims and fancies. :) Thank you so much for the gorgeous new site, Eve! I will come back to you if I ever want it changed. 

Your designs are great!! Even the design on your design site is awesome! You totally made mine exactly what I wanted it to be!

 I loved your designs for a long time and then I decided to ask you to do mine after a lot of thought. And boy, am I glad you did!!! I love everything about your design and even though I added a few things, it is all your design and I thank you for it! In this post you can see the big change 

 I love your design for my blog so much! The header is definitely my favorite! It really feels like it's from a story book or "Another Enchanted Land" 

 My design is brilliant!! (Bonnie's Blessings) I love it! Thank you so much for doing it for me. 

 I LOVE my design! I have had it for over a month now, and I still love it! :D Thank you so much Eve, if I ever change my blog again I'll go to you! :D

 I love your designs! They are totally the best I have ever seen and I adore them all so much:) 

 These designs are the best! I've gotten others before but the one I got from you (Eve) is truly my favorite. I highly recommend!!!