• Hello! I'm Eve, and welcome to my blog design site. I'm a Christian, self-taught web designer who has fallen in love with codes and graphics. I created this site so bloggers could have beautiful blog designs at affordable prices. 
    When I first started blogging, I was totally lost when it came to codes and designing. I looked at many blog design sites, but they all had big price tags, and I'm not a millionaire. 
     I then began my coding journey. I studied html, css, and googled multiple tricks to help me out with my designing. At first it was very difficult to learn about graphics and codes, but after a while it was like second nature to me. The more I coded, the more I enjoyed it, and it became one of my favorite hobbies. I wanted to help other bloggers like me who want a design that not only looks awesome but is also inexpensive. 

     Thanks for stopping by and exploring my site. I hope to work with you soon!:)