Do you change my post and other stuff about me?
Of course not! I only create the design for you, and then I'm on my way. I would never ever mess with anything that is yours. All I do is the design.

Why are your designs so cheap?
I wanted to make an affordable alternative for bloggers who want their sites to be more customized.

What if I don't like my design?
Then I'll tweak what you don't like or completely do it over.  I can only start over once because I do have other clients, and I'm still in school which takes away a chunk of my time. :)  If you have specific likes or dislikes, be sure to let me know when you order your design.  For example, if your hate stripes or the color pink, be sure to include this on your form.

What is a Moodboard?
A Moodboard is where you select a collection of photos that inspire you. I will ask you to do this on a private board on Pinterest. It's not that much work at all and it really lets me know what you want for your blog's design. 
Here's an example:
If I saw these photos, I would know that my client must love light, airy colors and vintage decor. I would make her blog have a simple vintage look and add some pops of pastel colors. 
That's how it works! :) 

Can you put my blog back to the original state it was in?
No, I can't. It would be terribly hard to get your blog exactly like it was before I designed it.  Besides I will work with you to make your blog look better than it did, so you will not want to do this.

Do you give credits to things you don't own?
Yes! If I do use a photo or something else that is not mine I always give the credit to the original place it was found.  I would never want to steal someone else's work. Normally, I try to use my own photos and graphics to avoid any issues.

Can I get a refund?
No, once I have put the hours into your design, I cannnot refund your money.  Please look at my portfolio of blog designs to make sure I am the right designer for you.