Hi there! I'm Eve. Welcome to Eve's Garden of Design! So you're ready to get started? Great!
First of all, I want to introduce you to some of the design options that you can purchase.

1.English Garden Design
$30 USD 
This design is a full custom blog design. It has a lot of great features and options.

This includes:
Customized header,
Customized favicon,
An assortment of codes to design the blog's layout,
Social Media buttons,
A customized sidebar bio/image,
A grab it button,
Customized page tabs,
Optional Slideshow,
Social Media icons sharing option under every post,
Signature under every post,
and more!
Please tell me what you would like and not like for your design. That way we can avoid complications. :)

If you would like this design, please fill out my form to tell me extra details about your blog and the look you are wanting. Do this before buying a design. That way I can make sure I can do everything you wish.

Click here to fill out form for custom design

I will decline an order if your blog has naughty photos, inappropriate content as well as anything that goes against my beliefs. If your blog has any of the above categories, please then please choose another designer to buy a design from.

3.Premade Design
7.50USD (only through the month of April)
This design is ready-made. This design does not include a customized profile for your sidebar; however, it does include a your blog's name in the style that the template comes with. It includes coding and the layout for your blog's new look.

Please email me before ordering so I can have your blog's url and will be able to contact you on  when I'm starting and when I'm finished.
My email:

Here are some examples of premade designs I sell below:

How long does a design take?
It really depends on how busy I am.  A premade template will take no longer than a week.  A custom design will take no more than two weeks after you submit your form and moodboard.

How to Make Me an Admin:
1. Go to your blog settings and click on basic.
2. On that page there's something that says Permission and under that it says blog authors.
3. Click on the tab that says add authors.
4. Then put down my email, and click invite author.

What is a Moodboard?
A Moodboard is where you select a collection of photos that inspire you. This is only for those who are having custom designs. I will ask you to do this on a private board on Pinterest. It's not that much work at all, and it really lets me know what you want for your blog's design.
Here's an example:
If I saw these photos, I would know that my client must love light, airy colors. I would make her blog have a simple vintage look and add some pops of pastel colors. 

That's how it works! :)